Breeding Grounds

This week, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the doe and her twins foraging along the perimeter of the yard.  While the photos are not the best, they hopefully send the message of peace and tranquility presented by Mother Nature.


Their mom brought up the rear and slowly began to step out into the open.  Through the haze, I finally got her.  They're the ones who ate my hydrangeas!

I had been concerned about this doe and her twins.  At first, I was seeing them on a regular basis.  Then nothing.  One day when I came home from the gym the Pres told me that he saw the doe and one fawn.  I was worried something had happened to the other fawn.  You see, our resident Bobcat has been seen twice in the past week.

A few days later, I spotted a doe and one fawn wander through right after the doe and her twins.

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Breeding Grounds

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Ann Thompson said…
How fun to watch them.
MadSnapper said…
I like those little specks in their coats. so beautiful, glad they are safe
What beautiful pictures! It's such an easy thing to worry about the wildlife, especially when we see them for several times and then they're gone. I try not to think about it... simply enjoy them while they're here and not think about them when they're not here. But it's hard. Love, Andrea xoxo
Beautiful shots, JP! We don't have very up-close deer sighting much, maybe along a road, and then you sort of hold your breath that it runs away from the road.

I feel your love of animals, and then the worry. I was the type, even as a young girl, who rescued every baby bird or abandoned baby bunny. It took me a long time to understand the circle of life. Now, I would never hesitate to bring a lost, orphaned or wounded animal to the best facility to take it on...sadly, most in my area will not take any "common' critters like squirrels, rabbits, or native birds.

I was recently patting myself on the back for maturity at the lake a few weeks ago. We have bird nests in every nook and cranny under the roof of our patio, in trees, everywhere. I also have tons of birdhouses. Hubby and I found 3 baby birds under our oak tree, and no idea if they fell from a nest or a birdhouse. They were also in the wide open space with no shelter and at the mercy of our dogs. We placed them among the boxwoods around the patio. My guy was distraught! I tried to comfort him by my own experience, that the mama will hear her babies cries. We never spotted them again. Do we really need to know?

I love and admire your respect and love for the beautiful creatures in our world. And yeah, I'm up late again. putting off writing a column due on Monday!!!!

Jane xxx
Stewart M said…
Always pays to keep an eye open - things often sort themselves out.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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