Dripping Wet Here

Storm clouds have been a regular occurrence this Summer.  We're having very hot Summer with high humidity which makes me miserable..:(.  No kayaking adventures have taken place nor are they on my radar.  The last place I want to be is on the water when something like this rolls in.

The sky has looked like this almost daily and it was hard to tell when it was going to rain.  It smelled like rain.  It felt like rain for hours on end.  Finally it came.

Lasting mere minutes, it stopped and more clouds rolled through as we dripped, not from raindrops, but from humidity.

When the Pres built the pergola, I bugged him to only work in the morning hoping to avoid the heat and humidity. 

Yet, as you know the Pres has a mind of his own.  If you were sitting under the pergola as he worked, you too would have felt the drips as I did.They were not from rain.  They were from sweat.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Dripping Wet Here

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I guess that's called sweat equity! Looks like it will be very nice when completed. Oh, and please send some of that rain to S CA!!
Rain, rain, go away. Come back some other day. An old saying that comes to mind as I look at your site today. And it does. Humidity isn't fun. I do understand the way you feel. Nice photos though.

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