Rant # 1

This is "my voice of frustration" talking typing.

This issue with "Comments" on Blogger is driving me NUTS.  I am not receiving email notifications that someone left a Comment!  I know it's been going on for a while, however, it is VERY frustrating.

I do not like not being able to chat "one on one" with some many of you who have become "friends" as opposed to "followers."

Yes, I am a tad cranky this morning all brought on by unanswered questions via my favorite search engine...Google.

Right now, I'm telling my self:  

inhale deeply
do not get angry
do not worry
be grateful
devote yourself to my work
be kind to others

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Rant # 1

with you and those at

One more thing.  I did find out "who's been eating my house".  Most of you that know me (and the Pres) were correct.  However, since I am not familiar with the new way "Comments" is working, this is the answer.  HE, the Pres, hit the house with that 62" wide mamma-jumper mower!...the one that ran into the decks a few weeks go!


MadSnapper said…
go to dashboard/settings/email and delete your email and save it. add your email and save it. this generates an email for you to click subscribe and it will fix the email problem. we all had to do it a few weeks ago.
Well, at least it wasn't a varmint eating your house.
likeschocolate said…
the squirrels love to eat at our house. They love our deck, but we can never catch them in the act. Ugh! Yes, I wish there were more people that we could talk with in regards to problems with social media. I was having a problem with my Instagram account and of course, there is no one you can talk to. but the only email and the service is slow. Finally, I figured it out myself, but all the hours I spent working on it.Ugh again! I get you!
Ann Thompson said…
I had to do what Sandra explained in her comment to get the comments coming back to my email. There are still a few that don't come through but most do
Bee Lady said…
Well now I wondered if it was something like that, “Eating your house!”
I don’t like the issue with Blogger either because when someone leaves a comment a Post or two back, like I do when I’m catching up on Blog reading, no one will ever see it. It’s very annoying. Probably won’t even see this !!!

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