The Bathing Beauty

Now that I have my life back (from observing Eagles), I've been able to focus on other things that I enjoy.  Sure it's been too hot for adventures however, it's been nice enough to sit in the shade and watch what goes on here at home.

In fact, one day, I wondered why no one was home at one of our Bluebird boxes.  The chicks had fledged yet I usually spotted one of the adults catching bugs somewhere in the vicinity.

Settling down in my favorite chair on the deck, I soon spotted the male and became spellbound by it's antics as it took it's afternoon bath.  (Perhaps Mom was out shopping with the kids...:)

Arriving near the bath, it sat quietly perched on the wrought iron plant hanger as if debating over the tempting water below it.

 Suddenly it dove and was in the water splashing around having a grand old time.  It vigorously began enjoying it's "me time" as much as I was enjoying mine.

Flying up to a branch on the small Elm near the birdbath, it began "drying."  First it's right side.

Picking, scratching, shaking and fluffing it's feathers, it followed the same sequence on it's left side.

It did a really thorough job so I'm guessing it hadn't bathed in a while.

It was when he did an about face and shook his little tail feathers in my direction that I burst out laughing.

 That little dip must have felt really good, because after all that picking, scratching, fluffing and shaking, it went back in for another dip.

Repeating the same drying, picking, scratching, shaking and fluffing antics, it seemed more than content now after it's second plunge.

Now I understood why "no one was home".

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Bathing Beauty

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Ann Thompson said…
They are fun to watch.
eileeninmd said…

Pretty series on the bluebird. Happy August, enjoy your day and week ahead!
Hootin' Anni said…
Absolutely FANTASTIC!!
Thanks so much ... so VERY much for sharing such a beauty! We birders at I'd Rather B Birdin' are appreciative.
This was delightful! A wonderful bathing scene...did you feel like a "peeping tom?" :-)
Rambling Woods said…
I love watching birds bath as it is always with gusto...Michelle

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