The Right Track

Knowing my involvement and passion for Bald Eagles, you hopefully will understand and appreciate what I'm about to tell you.  I hope so...because to me, it meas I'm on the right track.

Returning from my sons two weeks ago, the Pres and I were not far from home.  As we crossed the bridge, I looked to my right as always...looking for the eagles that I periodically see perched in the dead pine.   It was there...the silhouette was there.   Telling the Pres to hurry up and get me home so I could grab the car and my camera, my heart raced.  It was there AGAIN .

Fast forward to my returning to the bridge and one adult perching.  It was a steamy afternoon (3:15 pm to be exact) and observing it's behavior was my mission. 

I've been trying to pinpoint direction for a second nest within the territory as I have spotted one adult repeatedly this year.  

Sometimes perching, a few times soaring with an immature, their presence was apparent.  I strongly believe that this is "my pair" that built elsewhere within their original territory, after their nest came down this past Fall.  You see, the pair I began watching in 2013 was the second oldest nesting pair located in CT.  My "Boss" told me that he spent many days looking for "my pair" after many, many reported sightings long before we met.  

Forgive me if you already know this but  a pair can have multiple nests within it's "territory," using whichever nest they favor that particular year.  For instance, another pair I am familiar with built four nests all within their territory over the years and have rotated each year.

Now this is where it gets interesting.  Watching the adult look to it's left, it's right, down into the water, then directly at me, and repeating that behavior, it looked past my left shoulder.  I should have turned around but didn't.  I wish I had.

After glancing past my left, the shoulders of the raptor slowly raised and I knew it was taking flight as it's massive wings spread.  Airborne, and flying to my right, it crossed the bridge.  Then out of the corner of my eye as I faced North, the mate flew at an angle from the trees to join the bird in flight.  It was THE PAIR.

They headed Northwest, the direction they headed all the years I observed them.  After speaking with "Boss" just this morning, describing the behaviors, we have devised a plan.  When the time is right...this Fall...we will paddle the river using the canoe.  After all, four eyes are better than two.

In case you're wondering what this behavior could signify, I'm going to try to explain.

By August 12th (the date this happened) IF there was a pair, IF they had mated successfully, IF they laid and hatched an egg successfully, and lastly, IF their chick fledged successfully, the immature could be close by.  Even more important, the pair would remain within close proximity of the nest until the immature was told to move on.  

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Right Track

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Anni said…
I can't WAIT for updates!!

How thrilling. And, thank you so much for joining us this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'...exceptional photos.
MadSnapper said…
so glad you got to see this one and know now the pair is there
Rambling Woods said…
Thank you for sharing info about these amazing raptors as I don't know much about them at all... Here is hoping...Michelle
Angie said…
I can just feel your excitement through this post - YIPPEE! These are the things that make our hearts sing! I look forward to the update after the canoe excursion.

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