Weed Addiction

We all have our idiosyncrasies and I definitely have mine.  With that being said, although I wouldn't say it is abnormal for me to want to do what I do, I often think it is unusual for me to feel the need.  Yes, I think I'm an addict.

Spending time with my granddaughter was how it was brought to my attention.  Ever since she was little, I talked to her about plants in their yard.  At a young age, she could and would call out their name as we passed by.  Soon, she began to see, based on my behavior, how I felt about weeds.

Whether walking in her yard, picking her up at school, or at the shopping plaza nearby, she controls my urge by saying, "Nana, leave it alone.  Don't touch it."  As I would begin to lean down, using her "mommy voice",  I hear "Nan....ah," making me realize what I was about to do.

Whenever I see one, I want to pull it out of the ground!  It's very hard for me to walk by anywhere in my yard, without bending down and pulling them out.  

I can do my nails in the morning, go outside to wander and then find myself pulling enough to fill my favorite weed bag. 

Nearly every day I'm outside weeding....somewhere.  In fact, this afternoon when I walked down the gravel road to get the newspaper and the mail, I stopped to pull some crabgrass!

And just now, I went out to plant a few seeds, and poke a few small holes in my soaker hose for the front garden beds and this is what I came out with...filthy hands and weeds!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Weed Addiction

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Ann Thompson said…
LOL I can just hear the "Nana, leave it alone". If you ever run out of weeds to pull there you can come to my house. I've got plenty of them.
Rambling Woods said…
I love that you taught your granddaughter about plants..I hope to do that with my grandson... Michelle
baili said…
how lovely to spend time with you daughter and how clever she is to be such a fast learning ,this is so sweet post !
Angie said…
You are not alone in your obsession - I am never more content than when I am in the garden sorting the 'wheat from the chaff'. Happy weeding to us all!

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