It's What I Do

Knowing that it was my last full day in Acadia, I, once again, took out my trail maps.  Planning on doing a little leisurely walking on some of the Carriage Roads, I pulled onto Loop Road.

When the directional signs appeared, I suddenly found myself heading up Cadillac Mt AGAIN.  I had been there so many times throughout my visit and yet as my car climbed, I couldn't help but feel exhilarated and ALIVE.

Being early, finding a parking spot was easy this time.  It was cold...about 37 degrees and there was a strong Easterly wind.  Exiting the car, I put on my backpack, grabbed a hat and was ready to begin my "leisurely walk".

Seeing a sign for the North Ridge Trail and the blue markers, I thought why not?  I will say though that once I got off the gravel path and saw what was ahead, I hesitated.  However, then my head's what I do.

Following the blue trail markers, and making my way up the granite, suddenly my surroundings grabbed a hold of my soul, making me forget everything.
Feeling more and more like a billy 
goat as I climbed, I began to feel a little concerned about just where I was heading.

That was, however, I until I saw the sign.

OMG!  Are you kidding????  If this wasn't meant to be, I don't know what  was!  Following tihs steep, rugged trail along the ledge had led me to THIS!!

Doing what anyone would do at this point, I sat on the cold granite, dangling my legs over the edge wishing I had brought my heated cushion on this trip.  Waiting near there on the edge of the overlook, it wasn't long before the Acadia Ranger, Carol, showed up with all her gear to begin the Hawk Migration Count for the day.  Ideally we would have preferred the wind to be out of the North, so the numbers that morning were low compared to the past few.

Spending the entire morning here with people who shared the same passion was a fitting last day in Acadia.

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It's What I Do

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Now, somebody was sending you in the right direction for sure!! Happy Days!
MadSnapper said…
glad you are having so much fun
Hi JP, What a wonderful road trip you have been enjoying to Acadia.I am just starting to catch up on the backlog of reading fellow bloggers posts and so I had to travel backwards on yours. We visited the park briefly several years ago before we were living in New England and we went to the summit of Cadillac Mts where we watched a sunset vs. sunrise and it was spectacular! The Hawk watch was the perfect activity for you. Thanks for taking all of us along on your trip and glad the weather was cooperative as well.
Ann Thompson said…
That was a perfect last day for you
eileeninmd said…
Hello, beautiful views. Looks like a great place to watch for the hawks.
Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!
Hootin' Anni said…
Aewesome! I would spend the entire day here! You found a perfect perch to count hawks (and other birds) soaring overhead. And beautiful country to boot. Thanks for visiting with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

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