Meet Jade

When I worked at the Fair over the weekend,  I was told that the owner/founder, Mary Beth Kaeser, of Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation would be joining our booth in the afternoon.  She is one of THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE people I know when it comes to raptors.  I always look forward to seeing her.

Although I've met Jade before, I thought you too might like to meet him:


Eastern Screech Owl |Megascops Asio

Screech owls get their name from the wailing call they make, but most often their call is a soft trilling sound that is similar to the whiny of a horse. Screech owls nest in cavities in trees and are extremely hard to see although are probably one of the most common raptor in CT. Red and grey forms will nest together and sometimes have young that are a brownish color. Screech owls have asymmetrical hearing, meaning one ear is larger and sits up higher on their head. This helps them to locate their prey by listening before they look for it.
Jade is a grey form eastern screech owl. Jade was presumed to be hit by a car when he was found in a drive way huddled under a car on a rainy morning. The car strike damage one eye severely enough that it had to be surgically removed. The remaining eye has limited vision which leaves him unable to be released.

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Meet Jade

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Molly said…
What an adorable little creature

eileeninmd said…
Hello Jade, what a cutie! Enjoy your day!
MadSnapper said…
I love his name and he is a handsome adorable dude.
I do love owls. Jade is a sweetie.
Sylvia said…
JP, Jade has a wonderful eye! Sad that he can not be released. Thanks for the introduction. Have a great week. Sylvia D.
Linda said…
Aww, poor Jade! The wildlife rescues here also have birds they cannot release. They make them "ambassadors."
Hootin' Anni said…
Awwww, so sweet!! Jade is a showcase.

Thanks for sharing him with us, and introducing Jade to us, at I'd Rather B Birdin'. Hope to see him again sometime.
How adorable! Screech owls are so fascinating. Glad you get to see him often.
Angie said…
Jade looks cuddly, but then I get a look at the EYE! I am glad when captive raptors can at least be utilized for education.
Rambling Woods said…
Thank goodness for our animal ambassadors and a second chance for this owl to live...Michelle
Lovely eye capture . Please tell something about my captures on my blog.

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