My Very Great Adventure

Walking into the storage closest, the first thing I noticed was the broom.  Remembering when I bought it, and why, I laughed.

It was when I looked at the suitcases and bags, my mind began re-playing various trips and adventures over the years.  

I used the green duffel when I hit the road with my German Short Haired Pointer, Kiera, years ago and drove in my Wrangler to the Great Smoky Mountains.  Then I used the tan leather bag when I drove from VA to CT for my high school class reunion in 2010 and on my visits to my BFFs.   Several of the other bags have accompanied the Pres and I on our Aruba vacations over the past fourteen years.  Minutes and memories passed but now needless to say, it was time to stop reminiscing and decide.  

With several shapes and sizes to chose from, I decided to use this one for my very great adventure, which I've been dying to tell you about. 

It's pretty rugged, been on a lot of excursions with me and has lots of pockets on the exterior for "stuff."  I like pockets...always have, always will I imagine.

Accompanying me on my very great adventure, will be my canvas camera/laptop bag, which I LOVE.  It has padded, removable compartments inside for both a laptop and camera gear, exterior pockets for the chargers, and cords, etc.  Of course, last but not least is my backpack...that goes with me wherever I go....but specially on this trip.

Hopefully, by now you are wondering what my destination is.  Hitting the road solo yesterday, it is not the first road trip I've taken alone nor is it the farthest from home.  However, I really think this will be an AWESOME ADVENTURE because I am already there at Acadia National Park , and have had one of the most beautiful days I can remember.


just seeing, saying, and sharing...

My Very Great Adventure

with you


Ann said…
Wow, what a view. Have a great time.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, enjoy your great adventure. Acadia is a beautiful park.

Have a great day and weekend!
MadSnapper said…
it really is beautiful, hope it has wifi for all that is in that bag
Oh, what a great place to be!!! We loved it there. Hope it isn't too hot for you. You can hike and kayak til your heart's content.
Sylvia said…
JP, I hope you have a great time. Looking forward to some photos. Sylvia D.

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