I cannot tell you exactly where I was when I came across this bridge.

However, what I will say is that I thought it resembled match sticks.

Does anyone remember match sticks?

Does anyone USE match sticks anymore?

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


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Ann said…
Interesting looking bridge. I do remember matchsticks and they do resemble giant matches. The top part sort of looks like a pencil
Sandi said…
It is striking! How does it stay up?
Gayle said…
I first thought colored pencil. We keep a supply of match sticks and use two sizes.
Similar structure to the Port Mann Bridge across the Fraser River in Vancouver, BC, but ours is much wider and longer for a major freeway. I call it the Iron Maiden because it looks so massive. - Margy
Jim said…
I think ours going across the Houston Ship Channel at LaPorte is like that. Real pretty. I have some match sticks in an old match box someplace.
p.s. I thought you might have a Reflection this week.
Dragonstar said…
Tethered pencils ;) It's an amazing bridge.
Lea said…
Powerful image! My first thought was a sailboat - tall mast seen straight on.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Rob Siemann said…
Striking indeed, in midst of the mist

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