Subtle Shadows

Before leaving for my trip to Maine, I reminded the Pres to water the houseplants, the hanging baskets in the yard and to fill the bird feeders.

However, since I didn't trust him to care for Alva, and didn't want to overwhelm him with tasks, I gave Alva her haircut earlier than normal this year.

As you can see she had, once again, grown beautifully, producing many  blooms.

By the way, I've had Alva since 2011 and still have no idea "what kind of plant" she is. The most important thing to me is that as a gift from Joyce and Bill, she has brought many fond memories back to the surface of my mind.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Subtle Shadows

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Angie said…
Some things are important enough to do ourselves!
Rambling Woods said…
I wonder what Alva is..There is a Facebook group that you can post photos to called.. Plant Identification and I have used it and the people are very fast and very smart about plants...Michelle

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