Sweet Friends

Arriving at Schoodic Peninsula Visitor's Center early, when I approached the building, a man and his dogs were sitting outside.  Asking if I could pet them, he said, "These two are friendly, but you might want to stay away from Old Whatchamacallit."

Chuckling at his response (because I thought he just couldn't remember the dog's name) I walked over to pet the two Dachshunds on his right.  They were very friendly, nuzzling with me and even giving me a kiss.  It was then I asked what their names were.

"Well, we got Old Whatchamacallit first.  He was a rescue and in need of a home.  These two we got together.  This is Snickers and that's Skor.  They're all named after candy bars." 

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Sweet Friends

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Gayle said…
Well that brought a chuckle.
Ann said…
How cute. Love the names.
eileeninmd said…
LOL, sweet names for the sweet dogs. They are all adorable. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new ahead. PS, thanks also for the visit and comment on my blog. I was happy to see the Peregrines.
Candy bar names! How cute!
Angie said…
Old Man does look a bit grizzled … he may not be friendly to everyone, but he sure looks to be in love with his adopter!

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