The Soaking

Tuesday it rained.  Actually it poured.  Knowing that we were going to get rain, the Pres and I had a list of things to do.  

For the Pres and being mid-September (do YOU believe that?), it was time to thatch the lawn and seed.  

So late Monday afternoon, off he went into the sunset on his ATV around and around, tearing up the lawn.

Meanwhile, I had promised my neighbor that I would give her a bunch of perennials which I dug, filling my little green wagon.  Off I went pulling my wagon down her driveway with three varieties of lilies, an Astilbe, Catamint, and four varieties of Sedum.
I told her to come shopping anytime she's ready for more.

Then lastly, we moved my Spirea and the Hydrangea that the deer seem to dine on regularly.  This year, I'm going to try something new and put fencing around the shrubs and drape deer netting over the others.  Last year, those rascals ate all my mop-head Hydrangeas, my five Azaleas, my Viburnum and even the Holly!!  This year, I'm fighting back...:)   

Anyway on Tuesday, as it poured, I kept busy with housework and a little prep for Fall baking.  Deciding to soak all the dried fruit I'll use for my fruitcake baking, I got out the rum and began pouring. 

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The Soaking

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Ann said…
sounds like you've been busy and productive.
Bee Lady said…
You make fruitcake!!! I’ve always wanted to try it. Sounds like you had a Martha Stewart kind of day !
Gayle said…
Please send some energy and motivation my way. You accomplished a lot.
Lady Fi said…
Your yard look lovely and big.

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