Who In Their Right Mind Does This?

Getting up super early Saturday morning (4:10 AM to be exact), I headed out to my car.  (Thank goodness my parking spot is directly in front of my room so there was no chance of disturbing anyone else at the motel!)  Driving in the dark, I thought who in their right mind does this at this hour?  This is crazy.  I'll bet I'll be the only one there.

Boy, was I WRONG!!

When I got to the top of Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise, the parking lot was full.  Cars were parked along the right side of the road before the lot for a long way so when I began to go down the mountain,  I did the unimaginable...well, for me anyway.  Like so many others who were parked in a "Bus Only" zone, I pulled in and parked thinking, if I get a ticket, they'll all get tickets. Yes, it was time for me to be a rule breaker!

Climbing out of my car, I grabbed the heaviest jacket off the clothes bar in the backseat, slipped it on as I began to walk up towards the top of the mountain.  It was freezing and the wind seemed so fierce.  Then I remembered my hat and mittens...in the suitcase...at the motel...BRIGHT...stupid girl!!!  However, somehow the numbing cold on my hands and ears wasn't important anymore.  This was...

Now I am far from knowledgeable about the planets, however that morning I heard someone say, "Look it's a double sun."  Naturally I Googled it, only to find out that while it may appear "double," it is merely caused by light refraction.

Now, joining the crowd as it began to disburse, I walked to my car and since I did not get a ticket for parking in a "Bus Only" zone, I decided that a huge breakfast was in order.

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Who In Their Right Mind Does This?

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eileeninmd said…
Hello, gorgeous sunrise. It is great being a morning person. Beautiful photos.
Your breakfast looks yummy. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week ahead!
BetteG said…
You go girl!

Aren't adventures great?!
There was a whole bunch of you 'not in your right minds' that morning.
We went up Cadillac Mountain but not for sunrise. Don't know why we didn't. How long will you be there? Make sure to take a drive around the island. It'll take the whole day with stops and photo ops.
Ann said…
That was definitely worth getting up early for. That breakfast sure looks good too.
Red Rose Alley said…
What a beautiful sunrise. I've never seen blues in them, mostly oranges and purples. These are wonderful photos.

Happy September!


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