Who Knew?

The day I left Acadia it was pouring rain and so dreary inside and out, if you know what I mean.  Although I didn't cry when I left, I felt like I left part of my heart there.  I knew that I would definitely return...probably twice a year if I can.  However, now it was time for the second "leg" of my journey as my very great adventure is not over.  I was off to find "the lights". 

When I left home, the Pres had told me that once I leave Mount Desert Island jumping on the highway would be my "best bet" to get to Portland.

(His logic is based on the fact that the Pres is always in a rush to get to his destination.  I truly believe that that's why he made a great firefighter.  However, I was never a firefighter.  I was in the finance industry...a banker, an operations analyst...and I liked detail.)  

"My voice, my choice" resulted in me taking the scenic route.  Driving along the coastline of Maine to Portland where I would stay for a few days before heading further down the coastline, stopping along the way before I head home.

Searching for the lights on the internet the night before, I jotted down the addresses, then plotted them creating a plan for my sight seeing of lighthouses.  Bug Light (how cute is that for a name???) was my first find, located in an area which seemed to be frequented by walkers and joggers.  Portland's seal is, in fact, this lighthouse, also known as Portland Breakwater Light.

Truly embarrassed to tell you about my next "find."  I was after the Portland Head Lighthouse, the oldest and one of the most highly photographed lighthouses.  Located in Cape Elizabeth, it sits at the entrance of the primary shipping channel of the Portland Harbor , sitting in Casco Bay within the Gulf of Maine.  

Oh, I found the park and in fact, when I pulled in to park I saw a few photographers carrying very expensive equipment.  As I pulled in to park, they were heading up a hillside.  there, before me, in the distance was a light house.

I clicked away thinking, It's certainly not what I expected, but be thankful that you found it.

One small problem.

I was taking photos of the wrong light house!
(And I never walked up that hillside to see the one I was after!!!)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Who Knew?

with you and those at


You did good, JP. I so admire you. Safe travels.

Jane xxx
Ann said…
Too bad you didn't see the right lighthouse. I does sound like something I would do.

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