Making Boots...May Be Ongoing

Building the pergola over the Summer, the Pres apparently decided the other day that it was time to complete the project.  

The Pres is known for least when he does something here at home.  It's interesting, when he does a project for someone else, he always finishes it.  Yet, doing projects at home for all the years we've been together, he never completes it.  Saving "something" for a later date, when he feels like doing it, it has become his trademark.  Over our years together, I've often asked him if he intentionally leaves it unfinished job for security.  Of course, he always denied it.  But he's never been able to answer the question either.

This past weekend, when I heard the sound of his saw and watched as sawdust flew through the air, I honestly didn't know what to expect.  

Then, I began to watch the process of "making boots"...section by section, piece by piece, screw by screw. Seeing (not merely watching BUT SEEING) the Pres work, it suddenly didn't matter when a project would be completed.  What mattered was he was happy

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Making Boots 

with you and those at

One more thing.
Eavesdropping on a conversation between the Pres and our neighbor, I heard the Pres say he still wasn't done because he wanted to remove the caps and fill the bases with small stones which would prevent shifting.


Gayle said…
Wonderful post - thought provoking.
My "Pres" postpones projects too, but I don't believe it's for security's sake. I believe it's to make me angry & nothing more. :-) Nice boots, by the way. *haha* Lovingly, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
I think it's a man thing. They are always on the ball when it comes to someone elses project but the things they need to do at home, they'll get to them.

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