My Sister...A Story

Applying sunscreen this morning before heading out for a walk, I thought about the future forecast.  Today will be more Summer-like, while this weekend is supposed to bring us much cooler temps (in the 50's!!!) and perhaps Fall.  YEAH!!  Meanwhile hurricane Michael  slammed the panhandle of FL.

Living West of the targeted areas, my sister should be safe.  Thank GOD.  In the midst of the storm Tuesday, I needed to HEAR HER VOICE.  Receiving all good test results on her most recent visits and checkups, my sister has beat cancer three times!  A strong and resilient person, I thought she was rather "bossy" when we were growing up.  This is what it was like growing up with her.

HER:  Sister, have you been in my closet again?

Reluctantly, I nod YES.

HER:  Get over here.  How many times have I told you to stay OUT OF MY CLOSET?????

HER:  Don't turn away from me when I'm talking to you.  I know you were in there!!  Did you wear my favorite red dress?

ME (sulking in the corner of the bedroom we shared):

WOW!  When she gets mad, SHE GETS MAD!!!

But that red dress fit me perfectly now that I'm a little older.  Besides all my friends told me how pretty I looked when I wore it.

Sometimes, Sisters can be such bullies.  However, family is FAMILY and I love my big sis no matter what!!

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My Sister...A Story

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Gayle said…
Love the narrative!
Bee Lady said…
Awww such a sweet story. I have a sister that I love to pieces. Only I’m the older sister. And she’s tiny and I’m....well....not tiny. So she could never wear my clothes! I’m so glad your sister is safe! Such devastation.
Ann said…
Sounds like a friend I had growing up and the conversations she had with her sister. I only had a brother.
Anni said…
Being very close to my one sister, I really enjoyed this narration!! Michael was really scary (your sister, living on the 'quiet side' of the wind - a bit safer!!) Love how you mingled the bird photos with your conversation.

Your post & photos are super this week, as always...thanks so much for sharing it all with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I am glad you sister was from the storm. I remember wearing some of my sister's clothes and the battles we had. Cute series of sparrow photos.
Thanks so much for linking up your post. Happy Sunday,enjoy your day and new week ahead. PS, thanks for the comment on my blog.
Nice story, JP, and heads up to the spammer comment a few comments above. My advice is to delete and block.
Jean said…
Enjoyed both your story and your bird photos. So glad your sister stayed safe from the hurricane.
Sally Wessely said…
Truth about sisters. It could have been written by me or by my sister as those same conversations took place when we shared a closet or two. I wish we still had this same relationship. I wish bygones could be bygones. Sisters are family. That is most important to me. I wish others felt the same way.
Angie said…
Glad your sister is safe …. I have six siblings, and it is interesting how much our relationships have changed as we have aged - generally, we are much closer now and enjoy each other's company!!! Thanks for sharing this humorous story and the pictures to illustrate it!
I did enjoy your story and the bird photographs.
Pleased that your sister stayed safe from the hurricane.

All the best Jan

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