Off The Cuff

When "Boss" (aka Eagle One because I am known as Eagle Two) and I talked about his schedule for upcoming presentations, he suggested if I was around to stop in.  A never ending learning...that's what happens when I attend any of his presentations.  So I went.

Held at a local Community College, parking was a little crazy bringing me back to my college days, although it was much easier to take the bus and walk up the hill a half mile to campus rather than drive and try to park.  "Boss" and I see each other outside the room where the small area theater is located and as I walked to the front row near the podium, I thought, "Wow, he's got quite a turnout." 

Recognizing two people sitting in the front row, we all smiled as I sat next to Dick.  His wife, said, "Good to see you JP", and we then exchanged hugs.  They are GREAT people. 

When the commentator/organizer of the event introduced "Boss", I once again was amazed by his credentials.  He has such an extensive background and it amazes me each time I hear it.  "Boss" began his presentation on Bald Eagles then about 2/3 of the way through, he paused and said he wanted to introduce one of the volunteers he talked about.

Thinking I wonder if he'll say something nice about me like the last time, suddenly I heard, "This is JP who will talk about how she became involved, her observations over 5 years and what it is she does now" and handed me the cordless mic.

"WOW!  First of all, I have to tell you that what you're about to hear is totally off the cuff because I had no idea I was going to do this.  It was then that the past five years of observing Bald Eagles just spilled out...everything...making my sit spot...gear used...the importance of leg bands...people I've met...banding...being asked to check on other nests...ending with an upcoming canoe paddle with "Boss" once the leaves fall off to continue my search for my lost pair.  They clapped!!!

Handing the mic back to "Boss" as he wrapped things up, I sat motionless until it was time to begin cleaning up.  The next thing I knew there were people in line to ask me questions!  

Paula said, "You are very good at this, JP" to which I replied laughing, "Well, I'm not just a pretty face, you know."   As "Boss" and I walked to my car, he said, "You really are so good at this "off the cuff" stuff."

Today I am thankful for all the people in my life...ALL of them...who have allowed me to be me.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Off the Cuff

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Kudos to you, JP, you have obviously learned a lot about eagles in the past 5 years and those folks listening surely appreicated yiur sharing that knowledge.
Congratulations on handling the off the cuff presentation. You've learned well and you're an accomplished woman.
Congratulations on an unexpected job done well.
As only slightly confused said "Congratulations on an unexpected job done well."

Also I love your photographs - fabulous colour skies.

All the best Jan
Beautiful photos, and congrats on your "off the cuff" presentation!
Michelle said…
Wow! Nice to hear about your "off the cuff" presentation. Those are always the best! Thanks for linking up!
Ann said…
Way to go. I would have sounded like a babbling idiot
Bee Lady said…
I love it! You didn’t have to worry about what you were going to say, and practice it over and over and over...
Great job!
This is one magnificent view! Love it...

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