The past few weeks, I've wondered how I hurt my arm.  Finally, I caved and went to a professional.  Apparently I have a severe case of tendinitis.  "ARE YOU KIDDING?  I can't have tendinitis.  I have too much to do." said I.

She responded calmly, "It could be from overuse. Don't overdo it.  It needs rest."

Leaving her a tad annoyed, my wheels kept spinning until I got home.


And then I thought...about all the lawn furniture I helped the Pres move off our decks...about the fences I helped build to enclose "my grass nurseries"...
about using my BEST tool ever...
a pair of titanium ratchet lopers on the small trees and branches that needed to be removed/cleaned up

(sorry about my messy tool bench)

about the length of time it took me to separate the huge mound of white Japanese Iris this year so I could give some to Cheryl and then harvest all the pods to bring to everyone at Tai Chi...

and about all the perennials and bushes that I dug up and relocated for one reason or another over the past few weeks. 

and about working out at the gym.  Then I realized that the Physical Therapist may have been right when she said...OVERUSE. 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...


with you and those at


eileeninmd said…
Time to chill! Enjoy your day!
Gayle said…
Your thinking has always been my thinking but the aging process raises its old head from time to time, sigh. Resting it will help; as hard as that is to do.

I've always said I don't go out to get the flu or catch a cold. I have too many things I want to do.
Even though I'm a retired RN, I still wonder how one person develops tendonitis and another person doesn't... even though both do the same work. It might be a mystery that's never solved. Get well soon... your tendonitis sounds very painful. Lovingly, Andrea xoxo
Susie said…
LOL JP, yes you need to rest. :) We never know just how much we do at times. I know once I start raking leaves and such, I will be sore too. Take care. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Ann Thompson said…
Well now that all that work is out of the way it should be easy to let that shoulder rest
You and i share a similar issue, JP, as I have been told that my left arm pain is most likely tendinitis as well. I pulled it in May when grabbing onto an overhead bar on a Boston subway car. It' not as painful and achy as it has been but sure it=s taking a long time to feel 100%. Hope your healing goes well. Any physical therapy needed?
It all adds up this time of year. I just finished helping move large boards, held them for cutting on the sawhorse, then moved the cut pieces one more time to get them ready to stack in the woodshed. Plastic tubs full of wood are heavy to move one more time. But our wood work is done for the winter, a good feeling. - Margy

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