The Sleeping Rock

On my way home from an excursion, I decided to stop and look for ducks at a cozy, little spot.  With my peanut butter and honey sandwich in one hand, and camera sling strap draped across my body, I followed the path toward the water.

No ducks.
Hearing the cry of the Bald Eagle made my eyes immediately focus on the tall white pines on the island in the distance as the rock continued to sleep peacefully in the marsh.   

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The Sleeping Rock

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Wow, what a neat rock!

Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady
What a wonderful rock, JP!! Truly a gift on what looks like an overcast day, when you took this picture. Lovingly, Andrea xoxo
Nice reflection shot. I do so love the black and whites.
Bee Lady said…
Wish I could sleep like a rock! It’s midnight and I’m wide awake. Was falling asleep watching tv earlier. (Sigh). Gorgeous pictures. Love the rock and the trees are beautiful.

eileeninmd said…

Pretty wetland area. Love the reflections. Enjoy your weekend!
Dragonstar said…
I love that rock - and all the reflections!
James said…
Nice shots!

You're right. Pennsylvania has huge puddles and lots of them. I rarely see them anymore since I moved back to Southern California. It almost never rains here and it never snows. :-(
magiceye said…
Beautiful reflection.

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