Time To Hit The Road

Although it's begun to get chilly here at night, while I was out removing the spent blooms from the Butterfly Bush this past week, I spotted a Monarch butterfly.  It's time for you to hit the road, isn't it? I thought.  In fact, working around the yard getting things cleaned up for Fall, each time I see it I wonder when it will depart.  As of today it is still feeding off the Butterfly Bush and the bright purple Asters.  

Remembering the Butterfly Farm in Aruba, and where I began learning about Milkweed and the Monarchs, I began going through some of the pix.  I wish I knew what this one was, and where it is from.  (I'm guessing South America but honestly don't know.)

Meanwhile, my daughter asked me if I'd be interested in doing a "stay-cation" at their house while they go away for a week. 

I didn't have to think.  "Absolutely, I'd love to  If I have anything going on, I'll be back to your place feed the kitty."  However, after checking my calendar, the timing of their trip will work perfectly with my schedule.  It just so happens that the week they need me, I am not doing any volunteer work nor do I have any meetings!  Using time away at their place to get some R & R, when I return I have 3 nights of meetings, one Eagle presentation to attend and one very special night that I can't tell you about YET.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Time To Hit The Road

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Angie said…
That's a stunning butterfly! A stay-cation sounds like fun - especially if it's not too far from your home and you can easily shuttle back for anything you might need. Sounds like a win-win!
Bee Lady said…
well hmmm.... I’m curious about that very special night! I was thinking the same thing about the monarchs. I saw one flitting around yesterday and it’s going to get cold here the end of the week.
Enjoy your staycation!
what a beautiful butterfly
Ann said…
That is a really pretty butterfly.
You sure are one busy lady
eileeninmd said…
Beautiful butterfly. The house sitting sounds like a vacation, enjoy!
Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.
Oh, that's a beauty for sure. Can you do a search in google images? I don't know how its done but I know it can be done. Somehow it compares your image to others. A week at the shore sounds like a great fall vacation. The birds should be moving through still, too.
Susie said…
You are a good mommy JP. It makes us feel good to help our children. I love that big butterfly. I have seem more Monarches this year, praying it's a come back. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
JP that is a colorful butterfly even if I don't know its name. And sometimes just getting away from you own place is good because it frees you. Hope the Pres can manage on his own too.
I am calmed by gazing at your photo!

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