Early Dismissals

Whenever my granddaughter has early dismissals, I scoot to her school and get to spend the afternoon with her and Harley until my son gets home from work.  Ever since she was in first grade, when there are early dismissals, I also get to see a former co-worker (also pulling Nana duty now).  She was one of the first people I met when I was in Teller Training so I used to "pick her brain" at lunch.  Working in the Audit Department back then, she told me to memorize the Security Manual.  I did.

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Early Dismissals

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eileeninmd said…

I am sure there are fun times doing the nana duty. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!
trav4adventures said…
I have "Nana" duty every morning. I drive the 5 year old kindergartener to school every day and she has early release every Wednesday. So, we have gone to four different libraries, the nursery, my favorite quilting shop, COSTCO, and even Whole Foods! I enjoy my time with "Miss Ellie", who can be quite bossy at times, but I wouldn't miss it for the world!
~Cheryl Ann~
Mimsie said…
I did grandma duties years ago but my grandies are all fully grown now and I live too far away to do any of that for my great-granddaughters. More'e the pity. Enjoy it while they are young as they grow up so quickly.
James said…
The one beautiful reflection! :-)

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