How Dumb Am I?

We have cable...and it's expensive.  However, each month I continue to pay the bill because the Pres refuses to it give up.  After speaking to many people (while still hoping to talk the Pres into relinquishing cable), about 2 months ago I purchased Netflix.  In addition, as an Amazon Prime member, while I fully take advantage of the free shipping offered, I hardly ever watched TV with "fire stick."   Again, I was hopeful that I could convert the Pres. 

The "big screen" TV...the 62" that makes you feel like you'll be trampled by the stampeding horses or cattle during the Western the Pres is engrossed in the living room.  That is known as his TV .    My TV is the smaller (32') and located in my den/office downstairs and is also connected to cable.  Having all the extras, since his TV also had a DVD player.and the DVR, he suggested that I buy a DVD player so I would be able to watch my DVDs downstairs (probably to stop interrupting him).  I bought one.

Knowing that there were only two ports on the back of my TV, I also purchased a "switcher" (a gizmo enabling the use of additional media devices).   So, there I was with all these media devices...the cable box, the DVD player, the Amazon Fire-stick and the switcher...lined up.  they ll had to be connected to my TV.  

If you're at all technical, you know that many peripheral high definition video devices (cable box, DVD, Amazon's Fire-stick) all require HDMI cables for connectivity.  By the way,  in case you didn't know, 'HDMI" stands for high definition multimedia interface..

While that's what it means, in my mind it means HOW DUMB M I because every few minutes while watching cable, my TV switches to Firestick mode with me wanting it to!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

How Dumb M I?

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MadSnapper said…
I love this and did not know what HDMI meant or what it really meant. now I do... bob get the big one I get the 32 in the bedroom but it doesn't have a DVR to record shows. the back of our big screen looks just like the wires at the back of your TV..
eileeninmd said…
We have DirecTV and have been sent letters saying we need to rent new boxes and by spring. Our old satellite receivers will not work after that. We need to upgrade to the HDTV boxes and pay more for their rental. It is expensive to watch TV now. I am not a techy person when it comes to hooking up all the latest gadgets. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day. Have a great new week ahead!
Gayle said…
Your story is my story. Love my firestick for watching Youtube from my recliner.
The RG was 'forced' to use a firestick set-up (no cable) at our sons and again in a motel. He wants no part of it.
Our cable boxes are called PVRs and will record two stations at a time. The RG did take the time to learn that so he can playback and FF commercials ;)
Gotta love them!
*haha* OMG, this is my story too! I could do without the whole shebang, to be honest. We have cable tv & the internet & the Amazon Fire TV thingy. I could do without the cable tv easiest, with the internet being harder... but I could survive. I could drive right down here to the little county branch of our main library & use their Wi-Fi whenever I wanted, for free. But hubby loves his billiards and he watches it constantly on his little laptop & Youtube. So I don't know what he'd do without the internet. Maybe we'd be best to leave well enough alone, JP, cos if our hubbies don't have their "devices" then they're going to be hounding us instead.... and we DON'T want THAT!!!!!!!!!!! :-O :-) Lovingly, Andrea xoxo
We have satellite Internet at the cabin and we can use our laptop or iPad to connect to the cable TV channel we use in town. Makes a good use of a service we rarely use when we are in town so infrequently. - Margy
Ann said…
To cut back I got rid of cable. I couldn't afford it any more and I didn't watch all those channels any way. Now I'm using a fire stick that one of the girls at work gave me and I watch whatever is free. I don't have prime but I can see quite a lot for free.
I totally get what you're saying - But I have to say, that it's all greek to me because I've no idea about all the wires and I'll admit that don't even know how to turn on the DVD player.... Wait, do we have one? ;-)

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