Score One

It happened fast.  Looking out the GR window I saw a huge bird sail over the top of the pergola heading toward the South side of the yard.  "Sweet" I said out loud as the Pres stood next to me.  "What? What do you see?"

"Hon, didn't you see that huge bird?  What was it?  An owl? A hawk?  Where did it go?"  Scanning left and right in the now bare trees, I saw nothing.  "There it is...on the ground.  See it?"  Because of the angle at which it was flying, I knew it had to be low.

A beautiful hawk had come in and got what it was after.  Watching it tug on a small, gray, furry creature before it carried it to a higher perch to devour, I was glad.  
One less mole or mouse, I thought.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Score One

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eileeninmd said…

They are awesome to see, I just feel sorry for their prey. But, one less mouse or mole is a good thing. Have a happy day!
I love seeing a new bird. Doesn't happen around here this time of year though. Our areas is where birds migrate away from. - Margy
We have quite a few right here in our neighborhood (in Chicago), several made nests in our backyard trees. We were really shrouded with black walnut trees for a long while, but have had to have many removed recently, rotting away from squirrel damage. And after about ten years of the hawks being around, they were gone! I only saw the ones in our yard from a distance, but when I'm driving around our country roads at the lake, I see them soaring and they look a lot larger then what I had seen up closer.

Why do I always have a long story after reading one of your posts? lol!

Thanks for the photos!

Lea said…
I do enjoy seeing a Hawk as long as it is catching mice, but I don't like to see them in my yard. I worry about the small birds that come to our feeders.
But how exciting to see one come swooping in like that!
trav4adventures said…
We have a family of Cooper's hawks in our neighborhood now for several years. I've seen Momma and 2 youngsters. Two day ago I was sitting here at my laptop, which looks out into our front yard, and ALL the doves and sparrows disappeared in a flurry and yup, one of them caught a dove. Feathers and body parts...everywhere! Then yesterday I discovered more feathers out by the mailbox...They have to eat, too, but I was REALLY UPSET when my scrub jay went missing. He had been in our neighborhood almost 4 years...sigh...

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