Stuffing My Face

It was bad enough that Thanksgiving fell before my annual physical, but now I'm finding that I am eating all the leftovers!!  For instance, to use up some of the mashed potatoes, the other day I made up some potato pancakes.

Tasting just a small piece that had broken off during the frying, I placed them on a plate and put them in the frig.  You don't  need to shove the entire pancake in your mouth, I thought.  

However, the following morning, I decided to have over easy eggs...sitting on top of the largest potato pancake of the bunch.  YUM!

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Stuffing My Face

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eileeninmd said…

I am not sure of I have ever eaten potato pancakes, maybe my mother made them.
It sounds good with the eggs. Enjoy your day and week ahead.
Waste not, want not. - Margy
Su-sieee! Mac said…
Yummy tastes are yummy tastes. I have no willpower.

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