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Having the opportunity to visit a working Christmas Tree Farm, I thought "it's something I've never done, go and see what it's like." 

When I left home, it was cloudy, damp and cold which was supposed to change to sunny and close to 40 degrees.  Shortly after I arrived and while waiting for the others, I realized the meteorologists lied.  Staying overcast and cold all morning and afternoon, i was glad that I put on additional layers, a warm hat and gloves rather than just a vest as soon as I got out of my car.  (Thank goodness I always have extra clothes in my car!!)

next year's buds

Following the owner of the tree farm from one level to the next, he spoke of the many varieties of spruce, which is the only type of evergreen that they grow.  The types of spruce they specialize in are:  Norway, Blue, White, Black Hill and Serbian spruce.  Did you know that it takes three years for the root system to establish once the young tree leaves the "transplant bed"?  Did you know that spruce grow about one foot a year?  Another interesting thing was how many 20'-30' trees they sell each year!

Without going into too much detail, Spruce can be identified initially by the way their needles are attached individually to the branches as opposed to being in clusters.  Spruce needles are VERY sharp and can easily be rolled between your fingers. 

Yes, and I had met the owner yet never knew he owned Gray Ledge Christmas Tree Farm.  He is a historian, a retired teacher and a Christmas Tree Farm owner...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Tree Talk

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How fun and fascinating to visit a Christmas tree farm. Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady
eileeninmd said…

That is a fun visit to the tree farm.. The spruces are beautiful, I like any tree that stays green year round. Have a happy day and a great new week ahead!
Blue spruce was always my favorite after marrying a northern guy. Being a southern girl, we didn't have spruce. Can't wait to see yours all decorated. Stay warm. Nasty weather is coming!
Ann said…
Way back we would go to a Christmas tree farm that let you cut your own. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of spruce
Angie said…
Since moving to Montana, and to our new property, I have learned so much about pine trees. Here, we have another kind of spruce called Engelmann spruce. Also, you can cut your own Christmas tree on public lands by paying $5 to the Forest Service. Some of the trees might look a bit like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but hey, it's $5 versus $50 or more you might pay at a tree farm or a tree place in town!
Andrea said…
WOW that is informative especially for us who doesn't grow that tree. We are in the tropics. The only Christmas tree-like tree here is Araucaria, but not planted in farms like that. Amazing.
Rambling Woods said…
Yes they are sharp. I have two blue spruce in the yard and have been scratched and poked with raking or doing something around them..I think of them as my live Christmas trees....Michelle

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