Bah-Humbug (The Making of A Man)

Christmas Eve was a lot of fun.  The Pres and I spent time with family.  Christmas day we had made a great diner and my daughter and her honey were going to spend the day with us.  Everything was going fine until...

Sitting at the table after the four of us had finished dinner, I noticed the Pres move his right arm and touched the center of his chest.  Then, using that same arm, he seemed to be attempting to take his pulse.  I said, "What wrong?"

"I'm don't feel right.  I'm feeling weird...lightheaded, dizzy."

My daughter and I began asking him questions before I gave him four baby aspirin (although he wanted to take only one).  Fast forward through all the details.  He was admitted via ER the afternoon of Christmas day.  Spending three days in the hospital and after a lot of tests, he was discharged Friday (my birthday).  

In 2015, the Pres had open heart surgery.  It was a biggie.  They told him then to do certain things and unfortunately, he didn't.  The nurse told him upon discharge, "You have heart disease and i'ts up to you whether or not you chose to do what we're recommending."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

(The Making of A Man)

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Sometimes it seems hard to follow doctor's orders, but it's usually for the best. May you and the Pres enjoy a Most Wondrous New Year--and thanks for the cute shadow shot!
Terra said…
May you and the Pres have a healthy New Year. My hubby had a heart attack, followed doctor's orders and lived another 20 years and rode his bicycle every day. Those doctors sometimes give good advice!
Oh JP!!! I'm glad the Pres was discharged but sheesh.... what a Christmas! You both have my thoughts and prayers. It's hard being the one going through it but it's equally as hard being the one watching. Love, Andrea xoxo

This was quite an interesting but scary Christmas. You must have been scared s*itless! I'm glad you had your daughter and that all turned out well.

I know we women sometimes think we are overburdened in taking care of everyone, from children to our spouses. My husband can't make a can of soup and doesn't remember where the most common things in our home of 33 years are. It's exasperating! Sometimes we have to pick and choose. My guy can't and won't see doctors but I drag him. I think that's why he's still around.

Happy Belated Birthday, Missy!

MadSnapper said…
I am glad he is home and well enough to go home. good luck with making him do what he should. Bob had the same open heart surgery on 07 and a stroke last year, he still will not go to doctors on a regular basis and still eats what he should not eat.. what a thing to happen during your holiday and birthday
It will be interestidng to see if he starts to follow doctors orders. So glad he is able to go home.
Oh, JP, I'm so sorry! Let's hope the Pres gets the message and at least tries to do all he can. Hugs to you and to him. Hope his recovery is speedy and complete.
Ann Thompson said…
Oh my. Not what you want on Christmas. Glad he's back home. Hope he follows doctors orders now. Men can be so stubborn
eileeninmd said…

Men can be so stubborn. I hope he is well and following doctors orders.
I wish you and your family all the best in 2019. Happy New Year!
Rose said…
I am so sorry that this happened but glad he could come home. My husband had pretty bad stroke in aug I do know a bit about the feelings you must have been having.
Late in reading this post, JP, and what a way to celebrate Chrustmas and your birthday and not in a good way 😕. I can only imagine how distreesing it must have been when the Pres said he wasn’t feeling well and then the ER trip and hospitalization. It’s good go read he was released and we hope he is feeling better and does start to take better care. Belated burthday wishes to you, blogger friend. We send our best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year to you both.
Angie said…
Scary .. How fortunate that it happened when you were there and able to intervene … I am glad he's home safe, and maybe this is a good time to make some new habits? Happy New Year to you and yours!
Susie said…
JP, My heart breaks for you and Pres. My Ted is in the hospital .He went in on Nov 20th had a full round of chemo for Acute Myeloid Leukemia . While waiting to recover form the chemo, he had a fever spike and was sent to ICU..where they iced him down and pumped in antibiotics and saved him. then back to oncology floor till the 18th pf Dec. came home for Christmas went back on the 26th for round two chemo. then they sent him home as soon as round two was done..came home on New Year's Day.(Tues.) got blood work on Friday and got a fever and back to ER and ICU with another infection. Back down to the hospital in Indy and on the oncology floor. He is fighting that infection which they say is coming from his gut...such as ecoli. I am scared and p[raying all the time. But I am taking time to pray for you and Pres. and your family. Hug him for us. Bless your heart, xoxo, Susie

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