Seeing the "regulars" around the feeders and taking cover in the brush piles at the edge of the woods, I focused on a more recent sighting.

While extremely noisy, I always know to pay attention when I hear them.  Sometimes it's a Hawk.  Sometimes it's a Bobcat.  Sometimes it's an Eagle.  This time it was something different.  The incessant cawing and the strategic landings of each Crow in the surrounding trees. made me come to a full stop.

Yes, although it took me a while to decipher just what it was as I drove down our gravel road, it was when I stopped and focused that I saw what the commotion was about.  It was a partially deflated Mylar balloon!!  


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eileeninmd said…
LOL, those balloons have fooled me too. Happy Wednesday, enjoy your day!
Wildlife know when a danger is lurking.... and balloons are a horrible ecological disaster. To be honest I can't believe the "balloon releases" haven't been banned yet. So glad you found the source of the commotion. Love, Andrea xoxo
Lea said…
I does look like a large bird!
Linda said…
Heh heh! I've been fooled more than once. Last week I though a leaf was a bird, and then yesterday I say a heron and wondered if were a large bag. Fortunately the zoom on my camera set me straight.
betty-NZ said…
It sure looks like something more interesting than a balloon!

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