Time and Gratitude

Time has gotten away from me. 

Like everyone, I've been  busy, yet with Christmas right around the corner, I am feeling grateful...so much to be grateful for. 

Katniss has grown tremendously and is behaving well.  Let me rephrase that.  She is behaving well with me, greeting me each time I walk into the house. 

We cuddle, take naps together, play together and enjoy each other's company.  She helped (?) me decorate the tree, and continues to dismantle certain ornaments.  

When I go upstairs, she goes upstairs.  When I go downstairs, she goes downstairs.  One of our recent highlights was when we streamed a live broadcast of my granddaughter at her cheer-leading competition in Disney World.  We've also become a team when doing housework.  I dust mop in and around the furniture and she gets under the beds for me...LOL!!  Then all I have to do is wipe her whiskers off and toss the dust balls in the trash!  Sounds good, right?

No!!  She still panics when the Pres makes a move, quickly running for cover once he's up and out of his chair.  Then she left a "surprise" on the Pres' bed the other day.  Thinking it had something to do with her fear of him, I really didn't panic and reassured him, "She'll get used to you."  WRONG!!

It was then I noticed more behavioral changes.  She began pooping outside the litter box and when she did use the litter box, she didn't cover it.  Her sudden change in behavior and the fact that her stool was very soft prompted me to  mention it immediately to my Vet tech when I took her in for her 1 month checkup.  Talking to my Vet about a few blood tests and stool sample test, I anxiously waited the results.

Her test for feline leukemia came back negative which was GREAT,  but she did test positive for roundworms.  Tuesday was a single pill of Drontal with a second dose in two weeks, which should wipe out the nasty critters.

Thank goodness she still enjoys "wet" food in addition to her "crunchies" because getting the pill in her was a breeze.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen and grateful for a friendship formed when we lived in Virginia...grateful for my "BabyGirl" who gave me this recipe, I decided that I would treat myself to a cookie I LOVE.  Pulling out the ingredients, I began my endeavor and the results???

  Midnight Espresso Crinkles

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Time and Gratitude

with you and those at

Merry Christmas everyone!


Linda said…
Glad you found out what was going on with Katniss, and that it wasn't serious. Have a great Christmas!
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I am glad there was nothing serious wrong with your sweet Katniss.
I hope she learns to love the boss too. She is a pretty cat. The cookies look delicious. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead. I want to thank you for all the visits and comments on my blog this past year. I am looking forward to visiting your blog in 2019. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Angie said…
I can relate to cat litter box issues, but I won't go into details … sigh. Josie is still adorable, so I can't stay mad for long! Lovely images of a gorgeous cat. Merry Christmas!
Best wishes to you and the Pres and Katniss for a Merry Christmas, JP, and hopefully your kitty will be doing better with the meds.it was sweet reading about how she has become your shadow.
Hope that solves the 'poop in the wrong place' issue. Merry Christmas to you and the Pres and to Katnia.
KL said…
It's great to hear that your cat result is negative. It's so horrible to hear that word cancer for anyone, be it human or our four-legged friends. I am yet to know what's wrong with my dog as doctors can't diagnose it yet.
Merry Christmas!! As to your precious new addition, I'm sure you're keeping the kitty box meticulously clean? Some kitties are much more finicky about that than others. If a kitty doesn't want to use the box and it's an "all of a sudden" situation, look to something that might be causing the kitty to not have a sense of privacy when going... because they like that too. With one kitty we had, we didn't realize that putting the kitty box near the furnace might scare her. It turned on one time, while she was in her box, and bam... that did it. Having multiple kitty boxes also helps too. We had a kitty that used one box for urine and a different box for stool. Cats are complex beings with different psychological musings than dogs. It sometimes takes awhile to figure them out. Christmas blessings, Andrea
betty-NZ said…
I'm sure many bloggers took some time off over the holiday season, but I have always held that real life takes precedence over blogging any day. Anyway, glad you're back and glad your kitty is getting better. Treating yourself every now and then is necessary for your sanity :) I wish you all the best for a wonderful new year.
I love the soft shadows surrounding your cat. Happy New Year!
Rambling Woods said…
Wow quite the story of your cat. I am so glad that she is feline-leuk negative as it can cause so many other health problems. I have forgotten what it is like to have kittens as it was over 16 years ago now. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy and Healthy New Year..Michelle

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