A Story: The Headless Hiker

Walking along with the other hikers, when Boss stopped to chat about this particular tree, I was amazed to see that although the lower five feet of the trunk was completely hollow, the tree itself was very much alive.

The next thing from Boss was, "JP climb inside and see what it's like. I'll take your picture."

ME:  "Boss, do you think I could fit?  If I get stuck in there, I won't be a happy camper."

BOSS:  "Don't worry.  We'll come and save you.  Now tell me how to work this thing.  What button do I push?"

Once inside (which was really kind of cool), and after telling him which button was for the shutter, I heard Boss say, "We can't see your head.  Duck down." 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Headless Hiker

with you and those at


Looks like you got out okay.
What an insanely incredible picture. Save it forever!

Jane xxxx
Susie said…
JP, Yikes, I always worry walking in parks during high wind about tree limbs falling. Beside thinking of bugs and spiders would totally creep me out. LOL Of course you look cute peeking out of that tree. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie
Glad you got out and were able to post this and the photo, JP.

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