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The totals are not yet available for the entire state, however, it certainly seems like the Midwinter Eagle Survey was a good one (at least in this area).  As of  when I got home Saturday from four hours of walking eight miles along the river, our Team alone had three sightings of adult Bald Eagles.  In total, excluding the last two teams whose totals were not yet in, twenty volunteers spotted a total of twenty two Bald Eagles...17 adults, 5 immatures.  We also checked on the status of successful nests in 2018.  

The group of people that I had were WONDERFUL!  They were supportive, helpful and willing to "go the extra mile" when we encountered some pretty rough terrain.  Asking a personal friend of mind to record the necessary data, another acquaintance as time-keeper and one as directional/distance calculator, I believe we made a GREAT team.  In addition, I also recruited yet another volunteer for next year's survey!!  As Boss always tells me, "Eagle Two, your enthusiasm is contagious."

The little jaunt (s) we volunteers took Saturday was only the beginning.  Now some of us will continue to monitor behaviors hoping that the pair (s) will mate successfully sometime between mid-February and late March and lay eggs.  This will be, of course, followed by egg hatching thirty five days later, more nest monitoring util the chicks fledge successfully in July.

One more thing.  Although I honestly don't know when it began, in the "Eagle world" and among fellow Bald Eagle enthusiasts, I am now known as "Eagle Two."

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Another Nickname

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Rose said…
Sounds like you had a successful day!

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