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Hooked on Netflix ever since I signed up, each night after supper, I head down the stairs.  Calling Katniss to come keep me company as my "lap kitty," sometimes she snuggles.  Sometimes she plays dashing around like a maniac.  Last night Katniss discovered that she too can enjoy Netflix from her new vantage point.

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Netflix Watcher

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I also enjoy Netflix viewing, but Acorn TV is a bit more popular with me right now. Nice that you and Katniss escape for together time,JP.
Ann said…
I have considered different things for tv since I've cancelled my cable. Netflix is one of them. Not sure if I"ll ever get anything or not since I seem to get plenty with just the free content on the fire stick
Sally Wessely said…
I have become a fan of a film series on Acorn. I’m afraid to even find out what I am missing on Netflix.
Terra said…
Great minds think alike, ha ha, I just this minute posted on my blog about two great series on Netflix.
Looking for recommendations on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Sort of silly since I watch so very little TV all around.

My adult children love Netflix but they assure me I would not. **shrug** But I do use our Amazon stick for almost all of my tv viewing. I like watching YouTube on the big screen. I also like Katniss. :-) Love, Andrea xoxo

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