Autographs Anyone?

While on the road last week, the OBCS (on board computer screen), flashed and displayed a message:

Incoming Message from "Ali"

   READ          IGNORE

I hit [READ].

The next message that appeared was:


Thoughts flowed rapidly through my mind:

If I can't [READ] the message while driving, why did it display the choice?
Now I know NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING is a feature...FLIPPING AWESOME however, resorting to a YouTube Video, it took me three years to set up messaging in my car.  
WHY did I bother????  WHY didn't the User Manual tell me that?

However, all of that has nothing to do with this post, although I apparently had to get it off my chest.  So, moving on...

What is relevant is this.  One of the messages that I pulled over to [READ] was from my neighbor...where Katniss was born in the abandoned rabbit hole.  She sent these pix along with a text that read:

Katniss is famous!  Look who made the most recent issue of "Our Companions"

Stating that the kitten was adopted, the caption is wrong.  But it's "our" Katniss!!

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Autographs Anyone?

with you and those at


Well, you always knew Katniss was a star, didn't you? Can you program the option to listed to the texts? My choices in my car are listen or ignore.
eileeninmd said…

Katniss is famous! I am glad you rescued this cute kitten! Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!
eileeninmd said…
Hi JP< stopping back to say thanks for linking up your post. Wishing you a happy day and a great new week!

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