Define Good

Watching my granddaughter and Harley Jean last week was another fun day.  Turning one in December, Harley Jean has blossomed into a beautiful 82 lb adolescent Lab/Dane.  She is just a beauty, plain and simple.,  A good dog, she is strong, active and a true "luv muffin."   So, I was more than glad to have her sprawl across my lap and give her body massages while my granddaughter and her friends continued to research slime recipes in the kitchen.

Once the girls decided upon a recipe, leaving Harley Jean on the couch, I went into the kitchen to get the ingredients, mixing bowls and utensils needed.  The girls were excited as they began their "mad scientist" endeavor (although they told me they were not mad about anything).

When I returned to the family room, there was Harley Jean.  Basking in the sun on her 60" dog bed chewing on...

MY BROWN LEATHER CELL PHONE CASE ?!?!?!?! big deal.  What's a few incisor marks, I thought.

When it was time to go back into the kitchen to give the girls lunch, once again, I gently lifted Harley's head off my lap and left my spot on the couch.  About 20 minutes later, when I returned to the family room, there was Harley...


Fast forward to later that afternoon when my son got home from work.

SON:  Hey Mom, how'd it go today?  Were the girls good?

ME:  Yes, all the girls were fine...all except Harley.

GRANDDAUGHTER: Nana, don't tell him.  PLEASE don't tell him.  

ME:  Trust me, it'll be fine.

Recapping the chewing episodes, my son listened attentively, apologized then snickered.

SON:  Boots?  You want to see boots, Mom?  That's nothing.  Wait here.  What do you think of these boots?  Do you want to see my sneakers?

Then my son and I talked about "separation anxiety" in dogs.  As we talked, my granddaughter said,

Hey, maybe Harley just likes that color BROWN.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Define GOOD

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Ann said…
Sounds like Harley just likes brown leather
Terra said…
Harley has a beautiful coat but how naughty to ruin your boot. She is still a youngster, is that why she chews like that?
eileeninmd said…
Harley is so cute. I remember my old labs and goldens loved chewing. One time our lab chewed a hole in the corner of the kitchen wall. Wishing you a happy day!
Maybe Harley just needs some 'brown' rawhide chew bones and vigilant friends who hide there boots, shoes and, ahem, cell phone covers lol.
Lady Fi said…
Awww - she is a big softie.

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