Thank YOU

Filled with sad (and bad) news, my last post was a while ago.  Because of that, I received SO MANY well wishes, thoughts and prayers, that my heart literally felt like the Grinch's when he went into Whoville coming down Mt Crumpet.  His heart grew three times that day and mine did as grew and grew and filled with a "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again attitude."  

(Say, what do you think of the heart formed by snowflakes in a recent snow-squall?  Although the Pres could not understand why I just had to go stand in it, I knew I had to.)

Katniss is doing well.  The additional dewormer, probiotics and anti-fungal oral suspension seem as if they worked.  Although all she did was sleep, I watched her like a hawk.

She's finally gaining weight like she should be and her blood counts, and iron levels are FINALLY where they belong...:)

just seeing, saying and sharing...

Thank YOU

with you and those at 


Angie said…
Oh yes, you had to go out in it - and what a reward to get a shot of the heart shape! But my favorite picture here is the shadow of Katniss - very clever and symbolic - love it! Enjoy your week ahead!
The kitty shadow is adorable1
Linda said…
Cool shots! Well done.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I am very happy for Katniss. I hope everyone is well now. I love the cute heart and Katniss's shadow. Wishing you a happy day and new week ahead.
MadSnapper said…
so happy for you that you are feeling better again and that her Katness is doing well
Ann said…
Glad to hear that Katniss is doing well.
The blogging community can be amazingly supportive. It's what has gotten me through.
glad to hear the 'furry one' is doing better and that your mood has improved. Heart shaped snowflakes? I would have had to go stand in them as well. A message from the universe indeed.
Ali said…
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You’re welcome, JP. Good to read that you and your furry feline are feeling better.

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