Anything Chocolate

Sometimes a girl (yes, even at my age) has to have her chocolate.  So, when my granddaughter suggested that I try this stuff while we were out shopping, I did.  I will, however, admit that when she said, "Nana, get chocolate's so yummy", I cringed.  

Yet dipping broken bits of sugar cone in it totally worked for my chocolate craving!!  

just seeing, saying, sharing...

Anything Chocolate

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Huh? So, did you like it? Sounds like one of those things I'd have to try to ease my skepticism. Almost makes me shiver just to think about it.
I do not like chocolate. I believe that fact is one of my saving graces. :-) Love, Andrea xoxo
Michelle said…
Well, that is a new source of chocolate for me!
Ann said…
The word hummus kills it for me. I tried it and can't stand it. I would have to be in a very brave mood to try this one
OK I like hummus and love chocolate, JP, but combining the two seems a bit of an odd combo to me. That said, I will look to see if our local grocery store carries it and may give it a try...healthy snacking, perhaps?
Susie said…
Well maybe...but no way would I eat chocolate covered crickets or stuff like that. LOL Blessings, xoxo, Susie
KB said…
Sounds interesting, I love chocolate too

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