Extra Toes=Extra Strokes

Did I ever tell you about the time that Katniss killed my laptop?  Well, actually she didn't "kill" it, she just, shall we say, knocked it unconscious.

Shortly after Katniss moved in, she realized that when the laptop is on my lap, she can't curl up and lie down.  She also figured out that with all those extra toes she has, she can hit many keys.  One day, after she walked across the keyboard, the screen literally went totally black.

I tried EVERYTHING and got nothing.  Yes, everything...powering it off, rebooting, you name it, I did i.  It remained on with a black screen and no other sign of life.  Since I don't have a "back-up" laptop, I called my computer guy and yes, it had to be serviced.  To resurrect it, he actually had to remove the back, remove the battery and do something to the mother board.  What he told me was this: "Apparently she somehow put it into hibernation mode with a combination of keystrokes.  Don't worry, if happens again, I can fix it."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Extra Toes=Extra Strokes

with you and those at 

One more thing.  Katniss seems to love walking across the keyboard at the most inopportune times...like when I'm blogging, responding t emails and it always seems to happen when I'm BACKING IT UP!


Ann said…
What are the odds? How funny that she was able to do that
Rose said…
Cats are so talented...what would we do without them?
Now if she could only write a post fornyou, JP.

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