Go Mom!

When the alarm system died, I noticed that my solar wasn't reporting.  The reporting is done via WiFi and no matter what I did to my router and modem, it wouldn't go back on line.  I called our cable company.

Cable Rep:   I've got the work order almost complete.  You'll be getting a new router, modem along with instructions.

Me:  Instructions for whom?  The technician?

Cable Rep:  No, for you.  You'll do the install, using the enclosed instructions.

ME:  #$%*&$#@#)$!!!  

After hanging up, I thought, I'll have the Pres do it.

Fast forward 2 days and this is what my office looked like.  Deciding that I should tackle the install the morning after I received everything (while the Pres was sleeping), I disconnected the old, relocated everything and installed the new.  It was kind of a "Santa Claus thing".

So, after installing a new router, modem, and splitter, and in this day age with everything wireless, why did I have to go buy a surge protector with ten outlets?  

Upon completion, my daughter and son said, "You go Mom!  Nice job!"  And the Pres, oh he commented too.  " I'm glad I didn't have to do it!"

As for me, I was thankful that everything worked...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Go Mom!

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eileeninmd said…
Go Mom! I am usually the person in this house who has to put things together.

I am just glad things get done! I hope your day is great!
I'm bowing down low in front of you, JP! My deepest admiration!! :-D Love, Andrea xoxo
I'm glad I didn't have to do it. I hate when customer service does that. Hey, customer service means you serve me!
betty-NZ said…
I had to giggle as I read this because I would have tried setting it up knowing that Hubby would probably be able to finish if I screwed something up! Good on ya, Mom!!
betty-NZ said…
And, thanks for linking up over at My Corner of the World!
Rose said…
I have always been the one to do this type of stuff...but it still makes me nervous after all these years. I do have a brother I can call if I must have help.

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