Loose Wires

Believe it or not, I hardly know where to start.  Me, who always has so much to say, as I sit here struggling with the whole saga.  And trust me it was a saga! I am, however, going to make it short because someone who lives in this house with me is still wired abut the whole thing.

It began with our house alarm system.  After I disarmed it one morning, it was displaying a crazy illegible message consisting of two lines of characters (#$&#$@/#$%&#@/).  When I got home from the gym and asked the Pres if he saw the keypad, he said no.  Now standing in front of the keypad and message, Mr. Non-Tech began pushing buttons, unplugging the power source repeatedly, then resumed pushing more buttons.  
When he was done, it just displayed a series of different numbers over and over again.

(Personally I think he caused it to go into what we used to call "a loop."  In addition, I also think that the disconnect from the power source caused it to 'cold start"...but hey, I only work here.)

Anyway, a service call was placed to the gentleman who installed our system...a man that the Pres is NOT fond of.  Four days later the illustrious alarm installer  appears telling us he has no idea why it's doing what it is, or what caused the initial gobblygook message.  Reloading the entire program since he claimed it was completely wiped out. 

(Again, logically this makes no sense to me because, IF the program was entirely erased, how/why did it let me disarm the system that morning?  But remember, I only work here.)

So now the fun begins.  The Pres and a good friend decided that "we're getting screwed" by our existing alarm guy and begin an aggressive search for a replacement system.  All I can say here is HOLY MOOSEPOOPS...what a fiasco!  Bottom line is this.  We're staying with the guy who is "screwing" us, who is slated to arrive tomorrow to change the program, install a radio, making our system connect to our cell phones rather than our landline.

We pay him and out the door he goes.  Shortly after he pulled down our gravel road, our alarm system "self-arms", which it is NOT supposed to do nor has ever done) and WHAMO...the alarm sounds.   Standing in front of the key panel, the Pres is saying #$%&@*($#%, while I'm saying, "Hon, enter the code and shut it off."

Alarm Monitoring calls me to which I say, "Obviously it must be something he overlooked, put us in "disregard" until we get back to you." 

The Pres is fuming.  He calls our installer and leaves a message.  Now still fuming over what the service call cost us, he calls the Emergency Number for ur installer.  (I'm telling you, he despises this guy!!).

Minutes later, our installer was at the door, and heads to our basement, adjusts a "jumper" and we're good.  Well, lets just say the alarm is functioning the way it should, I'm functioning the way I should be and the Pres????...he dislikes the guy even more.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Loose Wires

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You COULD just get a big dog you know?????
Ann said…
I like only slightly confused's answer to the problem :)
Gayle said…
So you're saying the Pres' 'jumper' needs adjusted?
Oh what fun you're having, huh? Hope this solves the problem and everybody's BP goes down. Yep, they're Canada geese although I've been known to say Canadian on occasion.
Joyful said…
Oh my! Don't you just hate service calls of any kind? They always seem to go this way. Thankful for those times when things go right. Hopefully the fire alarm won't cause any more issues and that the Pres will calm down soon.
NCSue said…
Tech support - a necessary evil, or an evil necessity... however you want to word it~
Thanks for sharing at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2019/03/our-orchids-are-showing-off.html and best of luck.

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