Mood Lighting (aka Time Change)

Knowing that Spring is right around the corner, my body apparently is self-adjusting on it's own.  Waking up an hour earlier for the past few weeks has given me the chance to see things differently. 

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Mood Lighting
(aka Time Change)

with you and those at

(NOTE: Speaking of seeing things differently, same camera, same settings, time was the only variable....6:46 AM & 7:49 AM)


I can't help it, JP.... I detest Daylight Savings Time. I love when the sun is full out & shining at 6am. It's so much easier to get up that way. Having it lighter later simply makes it harder for parents with little ones to get their children into bed. OK, rant over. *LOL* Thanks for listening. :-D Love, Andrea xoxo
Ann said…
These pictures are gorgeous. I hate the time change especially when we lose and hour sleep. It's even worse now that I work on Sunday morning and have to be there at 5
Jutta.K. said…
Das ist wirklich eine tolle Verwandlung !
Gefällt mir sehr, auch das Motiv ist wunderschön
Liebe Grüße

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