Leaving the photography class I attended recently, my mind was reeling.  I'll never get it, I thought.  Aperture, shutter, F stop, over exposed, under exposed, bracketing, auto focus, manual focus, full frame vs DX, histograms, RBG, white balance...all this stuff that I need to learn.  However, I will...all in good time.  Until then, I'll take what I can including this sunset.

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I know what you mean about so much to learn, JP, and I get confused at times too. In the days of 35mm SLR cameras I really found it easier than using a digital camera. Of course, developing the bad images could be costly and much easier with digital ones. And, it is a beautiful sunset!
Ann said…
I don't understand it all and it makes my head dizzy to try and figure it out. I can take a picture in manual mode though so I've got that. :)
Susie said…
JP, That is something I wish I could do...take a class about cameras. I like your sunset. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
I find that the older I get, the more I can NOT learn new things. The information just does not stick in my head, if it even enters my head to begin with. I think I simply must be content with the knowledge I already have, trusting it will be enough to last me the rest of my time on this planet. :-) You take gorgeous pictures, JP. I can't imagine there being anything you don't know about the picture-taking process. Love, Andrea xoxo
Sometimes I think you can 'over think' your shot and lose the feeling that made you want to take it in the first place...your sunset is beautiful.

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