Sitting Low

On 02/22/19, the pair was doing nest work.  Five days later on 02/27/19, I returned to check that the recent high winds hadn't damaged the supporting branches or the nest.  Not only were the limbs and the nest in tact, it appears that we may have begun incubation!

Sitting low and hardly noticeable against the horizon, it wasn't until I zoomed and cropped a few images that I saw her.  So, unless it's a case of pseudo-incubation, in abut 35 days, we'll have a chick (s).

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Sitting Low

with you and those at


.... and life goes on. Love, Andrea xoxo
Michelle said…
I hope all continues to go well.
Ann said…
Hope it all goes well
betty-NZ said…
How great! I do hope you keep us posted on the progress!

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