Spring is Brown

Hoping and praying that this will be the last shot I get of Winter (even though it's Spring), I am anxiously awaiting weather where I can work outside in the yard.  Wandering around the other day, I couldn't help but notice that right now everything is still brown.

Telling the Pres over the weekend that this coming weekend when the weather warms up, we are working in the yard and that there is a lot of clean-up is on my agenda.  However, I will not yet remove the deer netting we placed on all our shrubs...not until the woods green up for them.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Spring is Brown
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eileeninmd said…

It is still brown here too, I did see a few daffies growing. We are not able to plant till the first of May, due to last frost. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead.
We're seeing a little green grass here...just a bit..also still some snow in heaps here and there but I heard a blue jay and a cardinal today, the geese have been busy flying over back and forth between the two major rivers in the city, chickadees and I think I heard a robin today but I didn't see it so I guess I can't count that....lots of crows and starlings and pigeons around too.
We've warmed up a little and people are working on their yards up and down the block. I have a spring clean up at the lake by the guy who cuts our grass. Still- we have a double lot here in the city so it is a lot of work. I do love to get out in the fresh air and the dogs love it too that I'm on their playground!!

Happy Weekend, JP!


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