Spring Warmth

Participating in what was supposed to be a 4 mile hike celebrating the Spring Equinox turned out to be 7 miles on solid ice trails through the heavily shaded forest.  It was GREAT!  

Yes, and when I got home I wanted to take a nice hot shower...:)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Spring Warmth

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Ann said…
7 miles of solid ice trails sounds treacherous. Did you stay standing through the whole thing?
Yes, JP, it's definitely a cold spring this year, isn't it. I spread mulch this morning, at 8am, in 36 degree temperatures. But the sun was out & the birds were singing so it was alright. :-) Happy Spring! Love, Andrea xoxo
There are some springs where the only warmth you feel is that generated by an expenditure of physical effort....and a hot shower.
Linda said…
Ice trails... b-r-r-r. Yesterday there was snow in the mountains around us, but all we had was rain.

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