The Boot

Giving housework and Winter "the boot", I have been devoting most of my spare time to observing the Eagles.  With temps in the 40's, the air is crisp and oh so refreshing.  When that Spring-like sun hits you, it makes it all worth it.  Yesterday, I not only picked up a broken stick in my bootlace, and my first tick of the season.  However, sticks and ticks are signs of Spring...:).  With a couple of hikes planned this week, I'll be enjoying the fresh air even more.

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It is indeed spring, isn't it, JP. The temp is only 32 degrees outside, as I type this at 9:51am, but signs of spring are everywhere! Enjoy your time outside. Love, Andrea xoxo
I'm so glad spring is coming but the prospects of a bumper crop of ticks due to our warm winter is not pleasant. Stay safe and have fun out there.
Ann said…
Spring is a welcome sight.
Stewart M said…
The stick is not a problem, the tick may be. I know which one I would rather deal with!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

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