The Loser

Waking up to several inches of snow this morning, Katniss and I found ourselves glued to the windows.  Initially it was out the slider as we watched them search for breakfast under the feeders.  Staying about a half hour, they then vanished into the woods taking cover beneath the barberry.    

And then before sunrise, as I washed my coffee cup at the kitchen sink, I spotted "The Loser."  Well, that's what I call him.  The tom, apparently several years old (judging by the length of his beard, according to the Pres), paced back and forth in front of the fence.  I first saw him about 6:30 AM and at 8:10 AM he was still out there pacing.  Hearing the rest of his flock, he would stop, listen and look in their direction and then resume pacing.

After I walked down the gravel road to get the paper for the still sleeping Pres, he was gone.  My guess is that the garage door startled him, forcing him to use it's wings to sail over the fence.

And then I thought...

Back in the day (1784) in a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird saying that the Bald Eagle was "a bird of bad moral character" that "does not get it's living honestly" because it steals from the fish hawk and "is too lazy to fish for himself".  However, I am glad that the turkey was not chosen as a symbol of our country...a symbol of strength, power, and freedom. 

Capturing the human imagination for centuries and regarded as "king of the skies", the Bald Eagle was used as a messenger for Zeus, King of the Ancient Gods, and as a symbol of military superiority for the Romans.  Respect for the Eagle's strength and vision has carried forward to modern times.  When the first man on the moon landed, the control deck reported 'the Eagle has landed'.  It's power and keen vision are universal, timeless symbols of leadership and success."

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

The Loser
(in more ways than one)

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Michelle said…
I am also glad the eagle ended up being our national symbol. I always enjoy seeing turkeys, but somehow they just aren't that majestic.
Stewart M said…
Now thats not a bird I will see in my garden any time soon! Nice set of pictures.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
Larry said…
It's funny I read this post today particularly the Ben Franklin comment about Bald Eagles stealing from Ospreys because I witnessed just that yesterday.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, I am happy The Bald Eagle was chosen as our national bird. Even though, I love all the birds including the turkey. This poor turkey looked confused with the fence there. Enjoy your day! Have a happy new week!
eileeninmd said…
PS, thanks for linking up your post!

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