Two Minutes

Getting to the nest early last Wednesday, I was hoping to witness the adults swapping incubation duty and the turning of the eggs.  I didn't.  During the time frame I was there, I witnessed neither.  However, while driving home, my mind began doing some basic Math.  Hoping that my calculations and previous years of observations would help me determine the rotation schedule, I knew I had to return that morning.  I did just that.

The adult's posture was low (as it should be) with head barely visible for several hours,  Yet, it was when I saw a change in it's behavior that I knew "the swap" was about to happen.   Sitting in silence, it remained focused on the horizon.

Then Boom!  The incoming adult appeared out of nowhere.

Landing on the rim of the nest, the outgoing adult stood up, leaned down, turned the egg (s), and stepped onto the East side of the rim. 

The incoming adult balled up it's talons, walked toward the eggs, placed it's brood patch over the eggs and then rocked sideways five or six times.  The entire process took two minutes.

Driving home, I couldn't help but think:  What can I accomplish in just two minutes?  

Answering my own question were there words:  Nothing quite as awe inspiring as what I'd just witnessed.

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

Two Minutes 

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Typically Eagles turn their eggs every 40-50 minutes and swap incubation every few hours.  Their eggs must be kept warm, yet protected from the harsh sun and although the female, whose brood patch is larger, does most of the work, the male knows his duties well.


Anni said…
This is ALL so fascinating! And your photos along with your narration makes us feel like we're there with you.

Thanks kindly, for adding your link this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'...your link IS there for us all...(you did it.)
Michelle said…
Eagles are fascinating to watch. I hope you will post more, as you observe them.
Lovely, just plain lovely. Had the pleasure of seeing eagles on the nest today, too. Looked to be a fuzzy chick there too. Got to keep him warm tonight cause its gonna be below freezing again.
Angie said…
While you may not be as awe-inspiring as the eagle pair, you are pretty darn good at math! So delighted to share in this journey through your eyes and these photos!
An interesting photo series, JP, and thanks for the commentary as well.
Linda said…
Isn't it amazing that they know this!
Rambling Woods said…
Wow....Amazing to be able to capture this....Michelle
betty-NZ said…
How wonderful that you could calculate that so well! Thanks for the info and the pics, too!

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