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Walking quietly through their backyard trying not to disturb them, I couldn't  help but think of my BF and her husband as they fight her cancer together.  As the somber minutes passed and I made my way to my viewing spot, thoughts of us laughing and joking filled my head.

I am truly thankful for them having entered my life.  

Once my gear was placed on the ground and I was ready to observe the Eagle nest, I noticed that I had company.  There it of her cement rabbits that somehow made it's way down to my viewing area.

Before I left that day, I snapped a quick pic with my cell and sent my BF a text: 

When I saw him, I smiled.  Thank YOU.

Several hours later, she responded:

I thought he'd keep you company.

just seeing, saying, sharing...

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eileeninmd said…

Cute bunny. So sorry about your friends, sending prayers for both of them.
Wishing you a happy day!
Sorry to hear of your friends trouble. Good wishes for her from Ontario.
hblandscaping said…
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