My Tools

Sometimes I run into people who can use some help doing their yard work.  Now grant you, I can't do it every day, but once in a while, my tools come in handy and giving them a hand is just another feel good.  Loading them in the back of the "Subie,"they fit nicely inside my yard wagon making transport easy.  (Pic taken in rear window of my car)

just seeing, saying, and sharing...

My Tools

with you and those at


Rambling Woods said…
I couldn’t leave a comment on the eagle post, but I wondered why it looked to be sitting so high....
Now I know.. Michelle
We have a neighbor, who also likes her garden tools, JP. Since we all live in an apt with no gardens around, she and another woman enjoy working in a nearby park area within walking distance of the apts. We left all our garden tools behind in VA, and they are not missed now.

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