When the Pres came home with the three pots of Pansies he'd asked me if I wanted, seeing them was a welcome site.  Knowing that I had just written how "Spring was brown," I felt a little guilty about not being patient.  It was 64 degrees the day they arrived.  Sitting outside feeling the sun and fresh air, I knew if I watched long enough, they would attract something other than me.  They did. One lone Honey bee found them as attractive as I did.

just seeing, saying, sharing...



A blast of color at this time of the year is SO welcome. Only thing I have blooming is creeping phlox and most of it is out at the end of the drive near the mailbox so I can't see it from the house.
Awwww.... pansies!! One of my favorites! Spring has sprung... xoxo Love, Andrea
Ann said…
I have always loved pansies.

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